Benefits of SAP S/4HANA in Procurement

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Your one-stop solution for Procurement activities

SAP S/4HANA procurement solutions have been assisting users since recent days. iQuantM can stand out with you the right way
SAP S/4HANA for Procurement

Why opt for procurement solutions?

SAP S/4HANA Procurement is here to offer vital functionalities which might become necessary to handle every internal purchasing process. The most common functions of the ERP Material Management Module (SAP MM) will find a replacement through modern UI with various SAP Fiori apps. Based on this, the user would be able to process as many documents relevant to purchase more intuitive apps. The entire request process might be a part of it. We can also utilize catalogues along with free text requests which the purchase department has to address. An approval process would round off the entire solution package.

While dealing with transactional apps, the purchasers can supplement using different analytic apps with S/4HANA. The most vital KPIs would remain in the critical issues and processor’s view can process using high priority. All the next releases would get centralized purchasing over different ERP backend systems. With the Central Procurement feature, you can enable centralized contracts along with decentralized purchase document processing.

Leverage Strategic Contract Management using flexible design

With SAP S/4HANA Sourcing & Procurement, every company would have the freedom to align their entire contract management activities in a flexible, future-oriented and strategic way. You can leverage any device to control every simple and complex activities. With more individual and intuitive configurable SAP Fiori user interface, you can combine it with the extensive search function leads for operability as well as handling onboarding processes.

While you can provide various contract templates and types, you can easily set up company-oriented approval workflows while you create the basis to reduce overall process runtimes in maintenance and contract creation. With automatic notifications meant for expiring contracts, you can optimize the entire costs.

Owing to the high level of integration demanded by ERP or third-party systems, you can complete the entire contract lifecycles by mapping it transparently. You can also use the contracts as supply for purchase requisition sources, invoices, purchase orders or transfer it to catalog through upload.

SAP S/4HANA| SAP Business solutions

Rely on iQuantM for Procurement-related activities

With iQuantM, you can get the maximum out of procurement-oriented stuff without worrying much about the deviations and project time. We optimize the process perfectly so that there is no delay.

Contact us if you are looking for the best SAP solutions in the world.

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