SAP on Azure Migration

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The DMO approach can be used for both an SAP upgrade and database migration to the SAP HANA database


One-Step Migration (DMO with System Move Option)

  • The following steps are needed for a one-step migration using DMO
  • Express Route connectivity to Azure or virtual private network into Azure
  • SAP NetWeaver and SAP HANA database server (Target infrastructure in Azure)
  • SUM is started on the on-premises source SAP application server
  • creation of shadow repository from the on-premises SAP application server during uptime
  • Export files are generated on the solar system and then transfer to Azure via express route or VPN as part of downtime phase
  • Sequential Data Transfer or Parallel Data Transfer can be used for file transfer


Two-Step Migration (Lift and Shift followed by DMO)

  • This approach requires two downtimes and two testing cycles, and the clone system can we build with a homogeneous system copy or via DBMS replication tools.
  • Pipe method as both cloned system and HANA DB is built on Azure cloud.
  • There is no manual data transfer resync or re-sync SUM directory required in this method.
  • Cost is very high for a two-step lift and shift DMO method when compared to a one-step migration method

Many factors influence the downtime for database migration and the performance optimization can be done in the following three areas:

  • Export
  • File transfer
  • Import

A two-step migration method requires an additional clone environment in the cloud. Therefore, if the customer cannot add any more hardware on-premises system then this two-step process can be used.

Contact our team to know more about SAP on Azure.

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