SAP consulting and digital transformation services

Take the next step in your digital transformation journey!

Centre of Excellence

Pool of SAP veterans to guide you the right way.

Industry experience

Cross-industry experience from various projects around the world.

Best practices

Industry specific best practice ambassadors.

Product expertise

iQuantM's knowledge across SAP's wide range of products and solutions.

Digital core transformation services

SAP consulting services

Get the best in class SAP consulting services for your enterprise needs and increase and experience intelligence from your enterprise systems.

  • T&M Staffing
  • Project Governance
  • SAP License Consultation
  • SAP GRC (Global Risk and Compliance)
  • SAP Model Company Code
  • Implementation

Digital core expansion services

Scale your SAP digital core as your enterprise grows and explores new ventures and expands operations to new terrains.

  • New subsidiaries 
  • Joint subsidiaries 
  • New expansion inside country
  • New expansion outside country
  • Subsidiary integration
  • Cloud LoB solutions

Digital core enhancement services

Enhance your digital core and streamline your business processes with the latest SAP solutions and innovations.

  • Bank Communication Management
  • Extension Ledger
  • Business Planning and Consolidation
  • Financial Closing Cockpit
  • Group Reporting

Digital transformation services

Get on board with the latest trends and technologies to take your enterprise to the next step in your digital transformation journey.

  • Enterprise Digital Transformation Strategy
  • UI/UX Transformation
  • SAP Cloud Platform innovation
  • Making Tax Digital
  • Scaling up to IFRS 16 for lease accounting and IFRS 17 for insurance