By 2023

40% of manufacturers will meet customer needs effectively.

With SAP innovation & product life-cycle management to sales & operations planning systems increase product success rates by 25%.

SAP solutions and innovations help industrial manufacturing enterprises by providing customized, connected products & solutions; personalize & improve customer experiences; & support aftermarket and outcome-based services.


Reduction of lost orders by reviewing orders, pipeline, & delivery performance.


Value potential of manufacturers and suppliers by 2025


Of new enterprise apps will embed artificial intelligence by 2025.


Fewer late shipments and expedited orders

Business challenges in manufacturing industries

Real-time & accurate planning

EHS data analysis & workplace risk reduction

Multiple shop floor systems

Supply chain and logistics

Re-thinking your IT spend post ?

Business values with SAP solutions

Reduced manufacturing downtime by proactive management of operational risk
Increased material posting throughout from 5x - 25x
Improved labor utilization with “live” production monitoring by 5% - 10%
Reduced order fulfillment lead time by 10% - 15%

How SAP can help Experience Intelligent Enterprise

  • R&D Engineering
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Installation & Service