High Tech

By 2024,

The market size of SaaS industries will be around $185 Billion!

Market studies have said that by 2025, 75 billion IoT devices will be available in the market and this is a prime market for high tech industries to focus on.

Dealing with the complicated customer-centric or a product-centric business, high tech companies face a lot of difficulties in extracting meaningful data from operations. For the same reason, the high tech industries of today’s world must require an enterprise-wide ERP system to manage all operational data into a single platform with regards to High-tech with SAP S/4HANA.


Spend worldwide on digital transformation technologies in 2018


Global discrete manufacturers will offer smart connected products


Will be the market size of SaaS industries by 2024


Spent on AR & VR by 2023

Business challenges in high tech industries

Complex product configuration & costing modeling

Real time, changing demands in planning

Integrated view of cyber-physical products

Visibility into the end-to-end supply chain

Solve your specific High Tech business needs !

Business values with SAP solutions

Reduction in Inventory levels by 25-30%
Reduction in total logistics cost by 10-12%
Reduction in days of inventory by 10-12%
Reduction in supply chain planning cost by 3-5%

How SAP can help Experience Intelligent Enterprise

  • Product Innovation & Sourcing
  • Supply Chain
  • Manufacturing
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Customer Support & Service

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